Theresa Rudzki – Fashion Photographer

                                    Photo by: Melissa Petrisor


Hi, I am Theresa. I am a fashion photographer based in London, UK. I was born and raised in Berlin. After I pursued a Master Degree in Business in Falun (Sweden), I moved to Amsterdam. There I was working for a couple of years in Marketing when I decided to go a different path and became a freelance photographer.
I am focusing to capture authentic and natural images of women beyond cliches and stereotypes. I tell stories that are dominated by character and personality of my model rather than staging or beautifying. My tranquil photographs give the observer a unique insight into personal, often spontaneous moments. 
This raw and genuine style has its roots in my love for documentary photography. Through my numerous travels I find great inspiration that is having a big influence on my fashion work.

Selected Publications & Clients:
Dolce Vita Magazine (Cz), DIE ZEIT, Lufthansa Magazine, KUNST Magazine, Flanelle Magazine, PhotoVogue Italia, HAYLEY MENZIES, CYELL, Ehinger Schwarz 1876, and more.

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